Friday, January 25, 2013

Are You Sure? 2

I move away from the ego by understanding, forgiving, being kind, patient, generous and grateful—with myself first. When I accept the reality of my at-one-ment with spirit first, I can then act from that place with others—Self to Self.  Each time I indulge a thought of my specialness, have a pain, become angry or feel unfairly treated, I give life and power to the ego nightmare, reinforcing my identity as an ego, separate from mySelf. The stark truth here is that I suffer to prove I am alive; that ‘I’ don’t exist here because ‘here’ is a dream, a nightmare, the ego created to preserve itself.


“There is no definition for a lie,” The Course says, that serves to make it true. Nor, can there be a truth that lies conceal effectively.” The light will penetrate the ego’s darkness; we will have moments when we know our true identities as spiritual beings having an earthly experience. “The ego’s unreality is not denied by words nor is its meaning clear because its nature seems to have a form. Who can define the indefinable? And yet there is an answer even here.”


No matter how much I seek to study, describe, explain, analyze or define something, I can’t make it what it is not. Yet I arrogantly insist—everything the ego thinks and does is arrogantly insistent and urgent, that by defining the ego I can in fact change illusion into truth, to make myself mySelf. So there is an answer to the ego but not to the question of what the ego is and how it arose. The answer to the ego is the miracle for which The Course was named.

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