Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forgiveness Works! 2

As I forgive, I am aware that I am dreaming and have a choice to awake; and being aware and having a choice means I am with the decision maker, outside the dream. As I forgive I am able to see that you and I are the same, not in appearance, not in form, but in content—as either an expression of love or a call for love. And who among us, in our right minds, would not respond to a call for love with love?


The daily, hourly, moment to moment practice of forgiveness frees me from the heavy burdens of being responsible for the whole world and having to take things so seriously all the time.  Forgiveness allows me to become less involved with world as an ego, and more involved in the world as a mind. I am able to transcend the world as it seems to be and act in it as I would have it be, as a reflection of spirit. By forgiving and withdrawing my projections, I see the innocence of my brothers and sisters and thus my own innocence. By forgiving you and changing my mind about you, I learn to change my mind about me. The world does not change. But how I look at it has changed. “Seek not to change the world,” The Course says, “but choose to change your mind about the world.”


Forgiving makes sin unreal. Forgiving says nothing has happened. If there is sin, there must be a sinner and a sinned against. If you are the sinner, I am the sinless. Sin reflects separation, and expresses the ego’s principle of one or the other.  But when I see only spirit’s sinless in me, I cannot see sin in another because projection makes perception. Thus, perceiving innocence, peace, joy, fearlessness and creativity in myself, I perceive it all around me. Together, forgiven, we will not be annihilated but gently disappear into spirit, “not to be lost but found.”

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