Monday, March 15, 2010

Think Tank - A New Approach to Living

Describe ThinkTank for us?
A participative, innovative, multi-media approach to creating a world that works for everyone, one person at a time. A viral approach to macro change thru individual skill-building and power enhancement that enables individuals to develop, share, grow and change themselves, their relationships, communities, groups, organizations and societies in the direction of a world that works for everyone.

What distinguishes your approach to coaching people?
I am an “inside-out” coach. I facilitate people getting in touch with their inner power, skills, passions and values and work from there. I also want to help clients realize and utilize all they already have within them: spirit, head, heart and hand to experience a whole, integrated, integrous and therefore, sustainable, life.

What is it that you train people to do?
See above.

Help me understand what you mean when you say a world that works for everyone?
As peace as more than the absence of war. Economic, political, social, etc. systems that enable and support healthy, non-violent self expression in the context of community and sustainability. Systems that produce less or no: suffering, fear, punishment, tyranny, waste and disease and more joy, love, authenticity, enthusiasm, passion, soul-work, gratitude, and respect.

How does it feel to have successfully established a business that contributes to a world that works for everyone?
It feels blessed and great! Being part of this is the point, what I’ve always wanted my life to be about. I feel fulfilled, completed, worthwhile.

What inspired you to do this in the first place? (Biz creation story)
What were you hoping for?
See above. Do well by doing good. No contradiction, not an either/or; not necessary to hurt one’s self, others and the environment in order to be successful. In fact, the opposite is true, one can’t achieve sustainable success by hurting one’s self, others and the environment.

will have to shift from left brain dominance to a slight right brain dominance; from lack and scarcity thinking to a tilt towards grace, ease and abundance; from struggle is necessary, to struggle is an indicator of the need to shift; from outer directed to inner directed; from self to Self; from part to whole

our habits and systems rooted in the above


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