Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think Tank, Part Three - How it Might Work

Our – the Deki, Steve, Nancy process of give and take, discussion, and action bounded by shared vision and goals – building a new commons oriented to facilitating a world that works for everyone [and all the CC values], is part of the product we will sell. The vehicle or the product will be Coaching Groups.

Benefits of Groups – Why Participate?
• Learn how to own your ‘problems’ and see them as opportunities.
• Be the change you want to see. Live and actualize more most cherished ideals and values. Come out of the closet. Take a stand.
• Make a difference in your own life and at the same time, make a contribution to community and civil society
• Help others do the same in your Group
• Opportunities for leadership
• Start groups in other areas of your life, church, business, athletics, politics
• Refresh your soul, be creative, and shift your consciousness as you open yourself to fun, joy and expansive experiences of perennial wisdom as you use spiritual technologies.

The Groups would be open-ended with no content other than participant problem solving/opportunity seizing. We would, during the normal interaction and dynamics, point out coaching opportunities and techniques and encourage Group members to coach one another. Thus they not only learn to solve problems and seize opportunities using our patented world renown spiritual technologies, they learn how to coach themselves, loved-ones, and others they relate to. We thus make a difference and help them make a difference.

We can do the Groups live on internet radio or other appropriate technology. People would need an access code to participate, but everyone could listen, then sign-up to participate. There could be a fee for this.

Simultaneous linearity. Somethings before others, but everything nurturing and supporting everything else. Building community with awards and developing and operating coaching groups. The two will serve one another. I see the community building as epiphenomenal – as a side effect of the groups: as we do the groups, and the people in them, do their own groups, ad infanitum in a pyramid, we build community.

Groups could be demographic/niche specific: a transition group, GLBT group, a mom’s group, a dad’s group, a GenX group, a bankers group, a teen group, a small bus group.

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