Thursday, March 18, 2010

Think Tank Alternative Life Navigation System - Part 1

Think Tank Radio’s Alternative Life Navigation System

Human life has four dimensions: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. Everyday, ‘normal’ American middle class reality, ‘consensus reality,’ ignores two and emphasizes two – ignores spirit and emotions, and emphasizes mental and physical. Navigating life using only two of the four dimensions is not only difficult but creates difficulties.

The four dimensions are not distinct compartments or silos, but are varying forms of a single energy, with differing frequencies or vibrations. Think of them on an Energy Continuum with the least dense, highest vibration, most invisible and ubiquitous form, the spiritual, at the left, and the most dense, slowest vibrating and visible form, the physical, at the right, with mental next to spiritual and emotional next to mental.

Up ‘till now, individually, culturally, societally – as individuals and as a society, Western Civ has used only two of the four forms of energy available. Think Tank Radio’s Alternative Life Navigation System would help us use all four forms of the energy available to us, right now. That’s right, we don’t have to put the spirit and the heart into life, it’s already there waiting to be used.

We call it an ‘alternative’ navigation system, because it shifts away from the current over-emphasis on the mental and physical, to include the spiritual and emotional as equal partners and options. The alternative seeks to correct the imbalance by over-emphasizing spirit and emotion, and de-emphasizing the mental and physical.

This shift at the core of Think Tank Radio’s Alternative Life Navigation System would answer the famous Zen question, “Am I an earthly being having a spiritual experience, or a spiritual being having and earthly experience?” by saying we are first and foremost spiritual beings having earthly experiences. The Think Tank shift is also similar to a shift in perception called the ‘field/ground’ reversal – please see the picture to experience this shift. An example of a ‘normal’ field ground relationship is reading. In reading the field is the blank white space and the ground is the black letters. In this ‘normal’ way of perceiving, there is no meaning in the white space, the only meaning, value and power, is in the black letters. In a field/ground reversal, we look for meaning in the field, in the blank space, not in the letters, the ground.

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