Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beliefs, Part One

Beliefs – You’ll See It, When You Believe It
Do you ever wonder what you REALLY believe? Sure, you've got those sunny, optimistic aphorisms you chirp when you're feeling 'up', (not to mention the gloomy, self-flagellating mutterings you spew when you're feeling down!), but what do you REALLY belive?
Here's a sure-fire way to find out:
If you REALLY believe something is possible for you right now, it's already showing up somewhere in your world. In every area of your life, your results are the out-picturing of your inner beliefs, the illustration of your inner story.
Chances are your life is neither total crap nor complete bliss. This is because your true beliefs are neither all-limiting, nor all-empowering. This experiment will help you get a clear sense of which beliefs led to the creation of your current circumstances…
1. Pick one area of your life to focus on. Make careful note of the 'facts' of your situation in this area. What's showing up there? Example - Work: How are sales? Your work relationships? What does your work area look like? How do you compare to others in your field? How satisfied are you? What trade-offs are you making?
2. Beliefs create experiences. For each observation you made in step one, complete the following sentence: 'I created this experience based on the belief(s)…'
a. I run the fastest-growing firm of its kind in the city. I created this experience based on the belief(s):
• I can run a firm well.
• Growth is possible in this economy.
• I enjoy competition.
b. I work 11+ hours per day and never sit down to eat. I created this experience based on the belief(s):
• If I slow down, I will lose the game.
• I have to do it if I want it done right.
• Success demands self-sacrifice.
3. Review your list of beliefs, checking to see which ones serve you and which ones don't. You can use the following questions as a guide...
a. Does the belief feel good as you read it?
b. Is this a belief you'd like your children, or all the children of the next generation, to be taught?
c. If you transferred this belief to another area of your life, would it create desirable results there?
4. Put a star next to the beliefs that you'd most like to upgrade or shift.

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