Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Think Tank, Part 2

We want to “get our bloated nothingnesses [egos] out of the way of the divine circuits,” as Emerson said. We want to be more receptive, more feminine, in developing a connection and relationship with our highest and best aspirations. We want to allow a vision of what we don’t fully know or understand, a world that works for everyone, to flow thru us and guide us, rather than forcing it to conform to our present understanding – if you always do what you always did… and can’t solve the problem at the level of thinking that created it in the first place.

Michael Beckwith described this goal in his description of human spiritual evolution as – to us, by us, thru us, as us. First, to us, we feel like victims of forces beyond our control. Next, by us, we learn the Laws of Cause and Effect, Attraction and the ‘secret,’ and we use these in service of our egos. Third, thru us, we allow our egos to expand to include community and a world that works for everyone. And finally, as us, our egos are all but gone and we experience ourselves part of, and one with, all that is.

This movement may be thought of as expanding our comfort zones. Such expansion, entails much discomfort and pain. Help in the form of encouragement, courage, humor, just listening, and experiences of success - what the expansion is all about; why we’re doing it, is vital.

We’re wanting to build a space, and a set of processes and experiences that will enable people to expand their comfort zones – to get their bloated nothingnesses out of the way, and to evolve as Michael Beckwith described it so that they live more fulfilling lives from that place and may make meaningful contributions to a world that works for everyone.

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