Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Assumptions, Part 2

"There is much more in heaven and earth than in your philosophy," Shakespeare said.
Realize more of your potential, grow, complete yourself, know your assumptions and choose to go beyond them.
Remember, habit speaks first, the pull of the comfort zone is intense. That's why mindfulness is so useful.
When you catch yourself struggling, denying, running fast and getting nowhere, victimized, angry and vindictive, perhaps your assumptions are using you, instead of you using them.
Pause, take a deep breath, reflect a moment.
"What do I really, really want, here and now? What's the highest and best for all concerned? Do I want to be right or happy?
How can I, right now, with passion, joy and gladness, make a contribution that will bring the highest and best for all concerned? Is it possible I don't know everything?
Is it possible I'm holding to my assumptions inappropriately, being arrogant, stubborn, fearful and self centered?"
Then, without guilt or condemnation, start fresh, right where you are right now. With passion, joy and gladness, do what you can to make a contribution from your heart and uniqueness that will bring the highest and best for all concerned.

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