Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Think Tank, Part Five, Part Two

Identity - Who am I (us/we)? Am I a spiritual being having an earthly experience, or a body dreaming I have a soul – which rarely gets involved in my real, everyday life? Am I a butterfly dreaming I am human or…? Bottom line here, we want to commit to spiritual reality, unknown and mysterious as it is, as our fundamental ground of being. To me, at this point, this is an either/or. Our experience is both/and, lots of outer worldly and a little spiritual, but to the extent there’s any ‘Truth’ it’s that we’re spiritual first, now and last.

Unlearning – we have lot of unlearning to do, getting our bloated nothingnesses out of the way of the divine circuits. Big, exciting opportunity here! Resign as your own teacher, you’ve been badly taught.

Knowing - We have to let go of what we think we know; to open to the mystery, face the fear; to resign as out own teachers because we have been badly taught. There is that within that knows, the Big Self; if I let go of my Little Self, my ego, the Big Self will be all that is left, will shine thru as me.

Safety – much safety is needed; compassion, kindness and gentleness, to let go, open and surrender.

Nature – We are not separate from Nature, but a part of It. That’s why we feel so moved by It’s grandeur and other attributes, it awakens our awareness of that, those qualities, in us; It reminds us of who we really are, our Big Self, our potential. Of course, that can be depressing when we compare that to our typical everyday, cop-out life style, and of how we too often cut Nature and even God Itself, down to ego scale, the scale of our Little Selves.

Alchemy, transformation, expansion, boundless and boundary-less, omni-potent, omni-scient, omni-present; Quantum mechanics and black holes

Judgment – we can not do it; are literally unable to; judge not because it is bad and sinful, or because you, too, are a miserable sinner; but because judgment is always from the ego perspective and is only as valid as is the ego.

Ozzie & Harriet Effect – depressed and unmotivated by unrealistically high standards, not good enough, a failure, unsuccessful, because unlike the ideal, which was phony to begin with; unrealistic expectations; no expectations are neutral, a level playing field.

Gratitude – Creates openness, possibility, safety, optimism, accepting what is

Reality – What is, isn’t, and what isn’t is; Reality is what we say it is [projection makes perception]; consensus reality exemplified by the transition from flat earth to round earth views; Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – even when we know there is an alternative reality, that is not just an alternative, but actually Real, we hold on to the shadows.

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