Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hypocrisy, Part 3

Another way to close the gap is to feel the pain, but do it anyway; to go thru the pain; to see the pain as a cost, a price to be paid, as in no pain, no gain. This is the ‘exchange’ model of human behavior – you have to give something to get something, in which everything is viewed as a transaction. In this view pain is akin to the cost of child birth. This is a prevalent view in a free market society, but is it a relevant view, is it the way to view everything? Aren’t some things ‘free’, coming to us without cost or exchange? For example, the love we get from our parents when we’re babies, the bounties of the earth, fresh air and light. We exchange nothing for these, do we?

So, must there always be pain, as in no pain no gain? Isn’t pain really an indicator that something isn’t working well? Michael Beckwith says, “The pain pushes until the vision pulls.” Pain is of the ego. We can do great things with ego, but whatever we do from the ego place will beget more ego and more pain. Vision is of spirit and will beget more spirit. When vision guides, there is no pain, no exchange, simply desire and fulfillment. Being pulled by vision is being guided by spirit. Being pulled by vision is to fulfill purpose with peace and joy, without pain or hypocrisy.

There is no hypocrisy with vision, no fear or pain; no exchange, or ‘shoulding.’ In fact ‘shoulding’ and pain are indicators of ego. If you’re feeling pain or ‘shoulding’ on yourself, its worthwhile to pause and reflect on what’s going on. There’s probably a gap that needs to be closed and probably some hypocrisy, too. Try and close the gap without judging yourself, scaring yourself or shoulding on yourself. That will only bring more of the same.

Try closing the gap with vision instead. What is the great over-arching good you seek? How can you move towards that good without creating more pain, fear and hypocrisy? Isn’t what you seek, what’s good for you – love, peace, joy, hope, opportunity, freedom, good for everyone, something that all people, everywhere, no matter what their sexual preference, skin color or country of origin, are seeking? Ask for vision and you can receive it.

The ego always speaks first; the exchange model, hypocrisy, shoulding and pain seem natural and inevitable. But they’re not. The still small voice is always within waiting to be heard, but we have to lower the volume of the ego’s raucous cries. We have to know there’s an alternative and ask for the help we need. We’re not as separate and alone as the ego would have us believe. Vision and the still small voice like all things of spirit, are like muscles, the more we use them, the stronger and more useful they become. But it is our choice, we must take the first step. Seek and ye shall find; Knock and it shall be opened unto you; Ask and ye shall receive. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added unto you.

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