Tuesday, May 25, 2010


“We must simply listen for them,” now. Now is all there really is – the past is over the future has not come. Now is all there really is. “Now is the time of salvation,” the Course says, “for now is the release from time.” “Child of light, you know not that the light is in you.” Now is the time to know it. It “is a light that this world cannot give. Yet you can give it, as it was given you…” freely, joyously, without strings, unconditionally, now. “This light…attract[s] you as nothing in this world can….” It “is unlimited and spreads across this world in quiet joy,” now.

You need do nothing, strive, struggle, earn or prove, the light is yours by virtue of your, and everyone else’s, reality as spirit. “You will find it through its witnesses [everyone you encounter, including yourself], for having given light to them they will return it. Each one you see in light brings your light closer to your awareness. Love always leads to love. And this they offer you who gave them joy” now. No commandments to follow, rituals to do, rules to obey. “Love always leads to love.” Love wholly and fully felt freely, joyously, without strings, unconditionally, now.

Most of the time, being in the now, seeing the light and giving love this way is difficult for me. I think this world is all there is and I’m alone in it and if I don’t take of myself, no one will. But every once in awhile, I get that I’m asleep with God, having a nightmare of the world and can for a moment – now, this moment - see the world differently as a reflection of our spiritual reality, full of grace, peace, joy, love and ease; what the Course calls the happy dream. Right now, as I’m typing this, right now, if I pause and ask for help and accept it, I can experience my reality, and yours, as spiritual beings in a different world.

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