Monday, May 10, 2010

Inner Guidance

The guidance is so essential! Without fresh, wholly well meaning input, I would continue to do what I always did. That’s how we are; creatures of habit. The illusion is a self-fulfilling prophecy, we get what we expect to get. Fear and its sisters prudence and due diligence, keep us locked into our habitual ways of being. Indeed, that’s what the illusion is; it’s not that I’m not here, don’t have a body or there is no world - that’s true at the metaphysical level, but at the everyday physical level I am here.

The illusion is thinking I know what things mean, can interpret on my own, can teach myself. Reality is that I only know what I know, what my family, culture and experiences have taught me - a very narrow, tiny bit of stuff I’ve abstracted from all that I might know. And I’m often wrong! My family had it wrong, my culture’s wrong and I’m wrong. I’ve been operating on incorrect premises. Oh, I can get by and do better than get by on what I know, but, like the people who used to think the world was flat, I’m wrong and I’m limiting myself.

The great thing is, if I realize I’m wrong, I can open to getting it right, or at least more right. That’s where the fresh, wholly well meaning input comes in. It helps me undo the illusion. Fresh, ‘cause it’s new to me and not weighted down with my BS, or as Emerson said, “my bloated nothingness,” and wholly well meaning, because it has nothing to prove, and wants only the best for all concerned. This input is what the Course calls the Holy Spirit and what most of us call our souls.

The Course says that when we slipped into the dream/illusion of separation, even though it ended the instant we slipped into it, a little piece of our spiritual reality, a memory of our oneness with God, came with us. This is where our guidance – the fresh, wholly well-meaning input, comes from; the still small voice of our souls. It’s with us always, everybody has one, it represents a fresh, non-earthly way to experience things, and it is wholly well meaning.

Tuning out the distractions of the ego illusion, enable us to hear the song our souls are constantly singing. No struggle, no effort, just a non-doing undoing by letting go and changing the channel from fear and the ego to love and spirit. The ego will struggle, frantically, and its raucous screams will shake us, but it is not who we are. Breath into it, allow it to wash over you; know it is meaningless, only your bloated nothingness slipping out of the way of the divine circuits. If you shift your focus, the raucous shrieks will diminish and the song of your soul will be more audible.

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