Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Past, again

When the ego speaks first in the exchange model, judgment and punishment, hypocrisy, shoulding and pain seem natural and inevitable. But, as the Course says, that’s all in the past. The ego is nothing but the past. “Judgment and condemnation are behind you, and unless you bring them with you, you will see that you are free of them. Look lovingly upon the present, for it holds the only things that are forever true.

“All healing lies within it because its continuity is real. It extends to all aspects of the Sonship [all human beings] at the same time, and thus enables them to reach each other.” So from this we get as the Declaration of Independence says, “We hold these truths to self evident. All men are created equal.”

“The present is before time was and will be when time is no more. In it are all things that are eternal, and they are one. Their continuity is timeless and their communication is unbroken, for they are not separated by the past. Only the past can separate, and it is nowhere.

“The present offers you your brothers [all of humanity] in the light that would unite you with them, and free you from the past. Would you hold the past against them? For if you do, you are choosing to remain in the darkness that is not there, and refusing to accept the light that is offered you. For the light of perfect vision is freely given as it is freely received, and can be accepted only without limit,” and judgment and time are limits. So, “look lovingly upon the present [and know your reality as spirit now], for it holds the only things that are forever true.”

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