Friday, May 28, 2010


“Yet the real world has the power to touch you even here, because you love it. And what you call with love will come to you. Love always answers, being unable to deny a call for help, or not to hear the cries of pain that rise to it from every part of this strange world you made but do not want.” How many times have you had a glimpse of how it doesn’t have to be this way, this complex, twisted and strange? That if you let go, took responsibility for your interpretations and beliefs and let grace in, let go and let God, it could all be different – simpler, more loving, less twisted? “All that you need to give this world away in glad exchange for what you did not make [but want] is willingness to learn the one you made [not only doesn’t have to be this way, but because it so changeable and responsive to your thinking and feeling] is false.” All we need is “willingness,” not hard work and a lot of efforting, but willingness, and spirit, the still small voice, will guide us.

“You have been wrong about the world because you have misjudged yourself” [mistaking the ego for yourself]. From such a twisted reference point, what could you [expect]? All seeing starts with the perceiver, who judges what is true and what is false. And what he judges false he does not see. You who would judge reality cannot see it, for whenever judgment enters reality has slipped away.

“The out of mind is out of sight, because what is denied is there but is not recognized. Christ [our oneness with each other and God] is still there, although you know Him not. His Being does not depend upon your recognition. He lives within you in the quiet present, and waits for you to leave the past behind and enter into the world He holds out to you in love.” Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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