Friday, April 8, 2011

Exclude No One or Nothing

For the third time, the EPA puts off strengthening standards for ground level ozone – Sierra Club

There’s not enough ozone in the upper atmosphere, so whales in the Gulf of California are getting sunburned – Sierra Club

“No thing is so commonplace as to wish to be remarkable,” Oliver Wendell Holmes

The challenge as I awake each morning is to learn to exclude no one and nothing from my perception as a spiritual being first, dreaming I am an individual, flesh and blood ego. The choice is clear, but I must clearly see it with a vigilance and diligence that equals my determination to experience my oneness with spirit.

God’s gift of love is there for our receiving. Will we extend it to others in blessing, or withhold it, thereby cursing us both? That’s the question to be answered always, in all situations with all people. Only we have the power to determine our fate and the gift we shall give and receive – love or fear. Because we are all the same, all one and what ‘happens’ to me, happens to you, we can’t awaken from the nightmare unless we bring everyone and everything with us – snakes, spiders, Republicans and earthquakes.

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