Monday, April 4, 2011

The Smeness Behind Seeming Differences

The hormone-disrupting chemical BPA is found on half of all cash register receipts and nearly all dollar bills – Sierra Club

Doubling the level of BPA in women’s blood, researchers find, halves the percentage of eggs that fertilize normally in vitro – Sierra Club

The trouble with our times is the future is not what it used to be – Paul Valery

Yet when we give a blessing to another instead of demanding one, apparent differences are transformed into the single thought of at-one-ment – atonement, the realization that we are all one, one thought of our reality as spirit. Just as there is only one God, so there is only one child of God, all of us combined. Since our minds are joined in this way, we can learn to understand that giving and receiving are one, ‘cause we only give to ourselves of what we already have, the limitless grace, joy, peace and love of our spiritual parent.

Doing this, shifts our frame of reference from making differences real to using our perception of differences to learn that we are all the same, one in our reality as spirit, all needing to learn salvation’s simple lesson: What is the same can not be different, and what is one can not have separate parts. Having, being, giving and receiving are the same since the love we have is the love we are. This is the reality of the non-dualistic world of being, our true identity as spirit, in contrast to the ego’s dualistic world of existence in which what we have, another lacks.

It also explains why all the recent research shows that when we’re feeling down and depressed, the most healing thing we can do is to help another. Such kindness reflects a shift from seeing others as different, to seeing them as essentially the same as ourselves. We remain alike on the level of mind as spirit, everyday experience to the contrary, because we all share the same dynamic interplay of wrong mind, right mind, and what chooses between them, the decision maker. To forgive one person fully, means we have forgiven all – even the ones that are aware of BPAs effects and are not only making, using, and defending it anyway, but profiting from it.

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