Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Problem, One Solution

California regulators OK a new carcinogenic pesticide for strawberries to replace the old carcinogenic pesticide they outlawed – Sierra Club

Catastrophic floods put half of the West African country of Benin and much of northeastern Australia under water – Sierra Club

“Great art is precisely that which never was nor will be taught; it is preeminently and finally the express of the spirits of great (souls),” John Ruskin

“My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation,” the Course in Miracles says. Sadness is the sign that I would play another part instead of the one assigned me by spirit, and thus fail to show the world how great the happiness is that It wills for me, and everyone and everything else, and therefore.

The ego’s part is to prove happiness, peace and forgiveness are not universal and the truth for everyone and everything, and that spirit is wrong. Sadness demonstrates ego has won; happiness, that it has lost. By denying humanity the fruits of our happiness, we deny those fruits to ourselves. If I am sad, my part is unfulfilled, and all the world is deprived of joy along with me. Being sad is holding onto a grievance, believing I’m an ego and amounts to telling spirit it is wrong and the ego, right.

The Course says we are never sad for the reasons we think, that those are the ego’s ‘reasons,’ and that sadness never comes from circumstances beyond me – whether in my body or another’s – but from my mind’s decision to attack instead of forgive, to follow the ego instead of spirit. That is why salvation, happiness, peace and forgiveness are simple, there is only one problem and one solution, to choose spirit instead of ego.

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