Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Instead of....

As I write this, the Royal Wedding is ending. Thank, God! Enough is enough! If the Queen puts her fork down, you put your fork down; Kate’s brother is alleged to be a cross-dresser; three dictators were invited, you and I weren’t; every woman in the Abbey had to wear a hat, who knew they were orthodox? But leave it to the Brits to get it wrong – it’s the guys who are supposed to wear the hats.

This is right up there with the Donald and the birthers. The weather’s changing as witnessed by the horrible tornadoes in the part of the USA known as ‘god’s country,’ the bastion of Republican reaction; the oil companies are making obscene profits, but we have to give them a tax refund of 4 billion dollars (so they’ll explore for more and get us off our dependence on foreign oil, all the while they sit on leases, and the oil that might come at the risk of polluting our beaches would not be enough to get us off our ‘dependence’) on top of the soon to be $4 a gallon you and I are paying; the Middle East is going through some serious changes; etc, and we get the wedding as the major news story.

Talk about diverting public opinion and bread and circuses. Oh, they say, we need some good news for a change. True, but bottom line, this is only two people getting married, which may or may not be good news. At least they’re heterosexual. The ‘fascination’ with the trappings of royalty and the spectacle and the huge expenditures, is that good news, too?

Rarely has the contradiction between American ideals and American reality been so apparent. One can only hope that the folks that think all of this is OK, or ‘business as usual’ or even good wake up before it’s too, late for the rest of us.

The Course says, if I, and you, are not experiencing the peace of God, it is because we are not offering it. If our brothers speak not of peace to us, we spoke not of peace to them. Regardless of the ego actions of others, our perception has only to do with a decision our own minds make. It’s like what my mother always told me when, as a kid, and wanted what the neighbors had or saw on TV, it doesn’t matter about them, you live here….

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