Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lucid Dreaming

Pregnant women who use cell phones are more likely to have disobedient children – Sierra Club

Children who live close to freeways are twice as likely to be autistic – Sierra Club

“Well done is better than well said,” Ben Franklin

“We continually seek for what will make us complete,” Ken Wapnick says. And live lives of constant bitterness because we believe we must bargain for what we need and protect what we think is ours. No matter the various forms this needy bitterness and bargaining take, Ken says, they all “boil down to one single error, our having chosen the wrong guide: the teacher of lack, scarcity and specialness, instead of the teacher of abundance, wholeness and love.”

“Beware the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated,” it’s a sure sign you’re with ego, not spirit. Always willing to strike a bargain, the ego cannot understand that to be like another means no bargains are possible, because there is only one’s Self, the rest is a dream made up by the ego to keep us from being aware of our reality as one Self. Thus, giving and receiving are the same, because, despite the seeming differences in the ego’s dream of scarcity, we are the same.

But it is possible to have a lucid dream – to be in the dream, know you’re dreaming and have a different dream, a happy dream. As a lucid dreamer, I know that each person I meet today, offers another chance to realize my reality as one Self in spirit and to give and receive the peace of God. On the other hand, each encounter also offers the chance to reinforce the ego’s thought system of separation, differentiation, and attack. The choice is mine, whether to dream the lucid dream of spirit or the nightmare of the ego.

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