Thursday, July 28, 2011

Defenses as Fragments of Wholeness

Every defense such as sickness and planning, takes fragments of the whole, assembles them without regard to all their true relationships, to construct illusions of a whole that is not really there. Defenses make up nonexistent problems such as sickness and the need to plan, which seem to be self-sustaining wholes.

In the case of sickness, the ego teaches that pain is localized in the body, an entity unto itself. The physical or psychological ‘body’ is the cause, so the body is treated. Thinking this way, keeps me, and you, from realizing that the true problem rests in the decision maker’s choice for the ego illusion, the dream of the body, not the body itself. In dreams effect and cause are interchanged. Here the decision maker believes that what he made is actually happening to him. He does not realize he picked a thread from here, a scrap from there, and wove a picture out of nothing. The parts do not belong together, and the whole contributes nothing to the parts to give them meaning.

The problem is not what we specifically think it is, bodily or emotional pain, injustice, unfairness, economic and political terror. The problem is the process of choosing the ego’s fragmentation. When parts are wrested from the whole and seen as separate and wholes within themselves, they become symbols standing for attack upon the whole; symbolizing the ‘fact’ that I, a fragment of the Whole, exist by having attacked the Whole, spirit’s power and separated myself from It. Because I think this, I am both guilty and afraid. I am not really guilty and afraid over what I have done or not done, the specifics are only symbols. I am fearful and guilty because of the decision maker’s choice for the ego which amounts to an attack on God.

“Let not your eyes behold a dream; your ears bear witness to illusion. They were made [by the ego] to look upon a world that is not there…. Eyes and ears are senses without sense…they but report. It is not they that hear and see, but you [the decision maker] who put together every jagged piece, each senseless scrap and shred of evidence, and make witness to the world that you want.”

This world of separate parts negates the Whole that is our reality as spirit. That is the ego’s purpose for defenses like sickness, fear and anger. Knowing this returns the power from outside, from the ego’s fragments, illusions and dichotomy, to the inside, to the decision maker’s mistaken choice and enables us to choose again and awaken to our wholeness as spirit. Shifting from the outside to the inside, going from the ego’s fragmentation to our reality as Wholeness Itself, is a process; a never ending process that must be done, moment by moment, each time we realize our decision maker has made the mistaken choice. No blame, no shame, no fear nor guilt, just ‘oops, there I go again….” And make the choice for spirit.

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