Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Problem Solving and the Energy Continuum

Using the dichotomy as our conceptual frame work [the two circles that never touch with space between them, instead of the continuum] and once we have chosen the material circle, separate from the spiritual circle, and the body is judged to be our sole identity and home, we have given up our invulnerability as spirit and become vulnerable needing defenses and protection. As long as I believe I am trapped in the dichotomy’s material circle, either material or spirit, but not both, and believe I am only a body not on the continuum of spiritual energy with options to move between the material and spiritual, the body’s essential nothingness will require defense, even tho the real problem remains in my mind and my choice of conceptual framework.

Once I realize I have chosen the ‘wrong’ conframe, a fact I need only accept and not judge, resist, or defend against, I can simply leave the insane thought system by choosing the sane one. “You do not leave insanity by going somewhere else. You leave it y simply accepting reason where madness was.” All I need do is look upon the problem as it is, in my mind, in my choice of conframe, not in the world; in the projection booth, not on the screen, and let go of the way my ego, which loves the dichotomy, set it up to be.

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