Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spirit AND Body

So, the mind that thinks it is only a body, that has chosen the ego’s dichotomy conframe, not viruses, poor parenting, germs, falls or bullets is the cause of sickness. Thus is the body healed by miracles, the seeming miracle of seeing the ‘problem’ where it is, in the projection booth, not the screen. The problem is seeking to correct our problem on the level of the body, rather than directing our attention to its source – the mind’s ongoing decision to identify with the ego and the dichotomy. This decision, by the decision maker, is the sickness; changing the decision is healing. Indeed, the decision maker’s awareness of the true nature of the problem and the willingness to chose again, is the body’s only real defense.

The more we seek to protect the body, without dealing with the mind, the more we reinforce the decision maker’s poor choice. “Of all the many causes you perceived as bringing pain and suffering to you, your guilt [at being unwilling to make a better choice] was not among them.” By “focusing on the body as either the problem or the answer, we deny the mind, the only thing that can save us; not Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God or a Course in Miracles, we alone can save us” by asking spirit for help and choosing a different teacher and conframe.

But we need to be careful what we ask for help with. Asking spirit to help us with a problem we have already established as real, doesn’t work too, well. Why? Because what requires solution is believing there is a problem from which we need saving. The only problem is why we would have chosen a teacher like the ego and its dichotomy conframe in the first place. The answer to that, would take more space and time than this blog allows. Suffice it to say that since mistaken choice is the problem, the correction is simply to choose the right teacher. It is for this reason that we are urged not to do anything – anything - without spirit.

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