Friday, July 8, 2011


Joanne McFadden writes in today’s SOM: “Taking our cues from outside only leads to disappointment, because contentment never happens from the outside in. Clarity in intention [what we’re living for, what to do with our lives now] comes from going within and listening deeply so that we can begin to know….”


Now, before returning to Joanne, here’s some good news/bad news from the Sierra Club. “On the one hand…. Polystyrene insulation makes buildings very energy efficient – no small matter, given that heating and cooling them generates a third of North America’s greenhouse gas. Eco-friendly builders like the stuff because, in addition to its thermal efficiency, it’s sturdy, long lasting, and water proof. Las year, the ecological design firm McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry awarded its silver level “Cradle to Cradle” certification to Dow’s extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation jjj- i.e., Styrofoam – because of its insulating ability, strength and “sustainable design.”

“On the other hand…. Polystyrene insulation is highly flammable, so it’s treaded with flame retardants. But fire experts say the chemicals don’t actually stop the insulation from burning. And when it does, highly toxic brominated dioxins are emitted. Another problem: data release by Dow are consistent with the widespread belief the Styrofoam insulation is made with HFC-134a, a gas whose global-warming impact is 1,430 times worse than carbon dioxide’s. Environmental Building News estimates it could take 65 years for the reduced energy consumption of an XPS-insulated home to balance out the climate effects of producing the insulation in the first place.”


Back to Joanne: “Only when we receive inspiration from within [visioning and meditation are two of many ways to do this] have we set ourselves on the path to fulfillment. Knowing what [is highest and best for you and a world that works for everyone and everything] is a matter of connecting with the Spirit within and feeling what It wants to express and experience as you. When we have made this connection, we will feel it, and the Universe will unleash floods of opportunity, carrying us to the fulfillment of our intentions with ease, grace, and joy.

“Know the qualities of God that you want to experience. Go within and take the time to be connected and crystal clear.”

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