Monday, May 6, 2013

Controling Projection

“The ego tells us projection’s ultimate purpose is to get rid of guilt,” Devorah explained to the multitude. “But you can know that this, like all the ego’s explanations, is a lie and will never work. The best way to be rid of guilt and to have no need of projection is to let the ego go and be ourSelves. We are never upset for the reason we think.

“The ego tells us if we project guilt we can get rid of it. But the deepest split of all comes when we identify with ego and project guilt because we are actually retaining the guilt. It remains in our minds [as the movie remains in the movie projector] and by projecting it we are merely concealing it. We still experience the guilt but having no understanding of its true cause, make up explanations for our experience of it.

“Beloveds,” she said, opening her arms wide to embrace the multitude. “The guilt that arises from our belief that we have chosen the ego instead of God is nothing. For the truth is we remain asleep in God’s embrace, dreaming we are separate egos. Bring your dark mistaken belief to spirit’s light and let the light dispel it. Go within, seek the Kingdom, hear the still small voice and know the wonderful truth of your reality as a spiritual being having an earthly experience.”

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