Friday, May 3, 2013

Projection Makes Perception

In The Covenant and The Scrolls, after one of his chats with Devorah, General Barak begins to understand what she is trying to help him understand and has this dialogue with himself; a dialogue we might want to have also.

My mind, and yours too, seems split between the ego and spirit. This is intolerable and so the seeming split, not the mind’s reality as spirit, is projected out. Thus everything I perceive as the outside world is merely my attempt to maintain my ego identification, which as an ego I believe to be salvation. Consider what this means….

I, and you, have become at odds with the world as we perceive it, because we think it is antagonistic to us. This is a necessary consequence of what we have done - projecting out what is antagonistic to what is our true identity, and therefore would have to perceive things antagonistically.

This projection is why I must realize that my hatred is in my mind and not outside it before I can stop projecting it and get rid of it – stop going to the screen to fix the out of focus picture and going to the projection booth instead; and why I must get rid of it before I can perceive the world as it really is. This is also why the world I perceive is totally chaotic and without meaning of any kind. It is made of what I did not want and projected from my mind because I was afraid of it.

Yet this projected world is only in my mind, the mind of its maker, along with my real salvation. Salvation is a choice. The more invested I am in the world, believing it outside me, the less control over it I have. Only be recognizing it where it is will I gain control over it.


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