Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Darkness and Light Together

“I think I understand, Devorah,” General Barak said. “Tell me, General,” she invited. “The darkness is in us, not outside us,” he said. She nodded. “But so is the light!” “Yes!” Devorah said, throwing her arms around him and hugging him.

Like General Barak and perhaps you too, I have looked for the light where it is not and therefore have not found it. My practice now is to seek the light where it is, within me, and in so doing dispel the darkness which is also within me. Trying to resolve the darkness I perceive outside me first, works only temporarily at best. Being angry, frustrated, disappointed, annoyed and fearful tells me I’m looking for the light where it is not - in a resolution of the darkness - my fear, annoyance, disappointment, frustration and anger.

There’s a classic joke about seeking for something where it’s not. A man sees two people on their hands and knees under a light pole looking for something. He goes over to them and asks what they’re looking for. “Our car keys,” they say. The man kneels to help them. After a moment he realizes the keys are not there. “Where did you last have them?” he asks. They point to a dark place a few yards away. “Well,” the man says, “why are you looking over here?” “Because the light is better here….”


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