Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moore, OK: Punishment or Opportunity?

Malachizer, the High Priest, was a man of traditional beliefs who saw God as a rule bound judge, meeting out justice – rewards and punishment - to the humans below Him. Devorah saw God differently as a benign and loving power. Malachizer would see the devastation at Moore, OK, as God’s will, as some kind of punishment for humankind’s original sin.

“Never ask what you have done to make yourself worthy of God’s gift of life, Malachizer, or what you must do to find favor in His eyes and avoid His wrath. God is but love and life and knows you are worthy of everything. You need not decide whether or not you are deserving, God knows you are.”

Malachizer frowned. “Would you deny the truth of God’s decision and place your pitiful appraisal of yourself and humanity in place of Its calm and unswerving love?” Devorah asked. “Nothing can shake spirit’s conviction of the perfect purity of everything that It created. Do not decide against It. Peace abides in every mind that quietly goes within and accepts the at-one-ment that is its birthright. Go within first, Malachizer. Only go within! You know not of salvation, for your limited ego-bound self can not comprehend it. Make no decisions about Justice, Compassion and Peace on your own with ego, but ask the still small voice within, and leave all decisions to its gentle counsel.”

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