Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love Is Not Special

Yael smiled, feeling the rightness and comfort of Devorah’s words. “Yes, good,” Devorah said, seeing her colleague’s awareness blossom. “In reality, you cannot beas you thought you were. Your guilt is without reason because it is part of the ego illusion that you have projected out and is no part of your true identity.

“You can not enter into real relationships with any of God’s children – even Canaanites, T Partyers and Republicans, unless you love them all equally. This is difficult and takes effort. Realizing love is not special and if you single out only part of yourSelf to love, you’re projecting guilt on all of yourSelf. Projection is not partial, it’s total. Seek not to break yourSelf apart. It is one and whole. Love as spirit loves for there is no love apart from It.

“Until you recognize that this is true, you will have no idea what love is like. No one who condemns a brother or sister can see himself as guiltless and in the peace of God. For in truth, no illusion you have held against yourself or another can effect their innocence or yours. Before the glorious radiance of your places in the Kingdom, guilt melts away, and transforms into kindness, never to be quite what it was.

“This is a process, Yael, an ongoing series of opportunities to go within, see yourSelf and project that instead of the ego’s version of yourself.”

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