Thursday, August 11, 2011

Complexity is Not of Spirit

If my purpose is to awaken from the ego’s dream of terror, sin, guilt and fear, and if I am mindful and make a habit of reminding my decision maker to see things differently by choosing spirit’s love, joy and forgiveness, I can be confident that wisdom will be given me when I need it. Asking my decision maker to choose again and asking for spirit’s help and guidance throughout the day, whenever I am mindful of the need to do so, will build my awareness of my connection with spirit, and will remind me that I am in the world, but not of the world.

Asleep with the ego, I think a thousand choices confront me, but awake with spirit I realize there is only one – choosing to realize my mistaken choice of the ego, a mistake I can undo. “And even this but seems to be a choice;” because spirit alone is true. Awakening and allowing the decision maker to choose spirit is the “final illusion.” As that mistake in undone, the world and he thought system that made it disappear.

I, and you, want to be mindful and not confuse ourselves with all the doubts that myriad decisions would induce. Complexity and multiplicity were made by the ego to keep our attention riveted in the dream/illusion of the world. They are the end product of the ego’s plan to keep us mindless – unaware of our decision maker’s power to choose spirit and let the ego go. We think that there are physical, psychological and other forms of problems that demand solutions. Yet this is all made by the ego, a smoke screen to confuse us about the real problem in our minds.

“Complexity is not of God. How could it be when all He knows is One?” Nothing conflicts with oneness so there is nothing to decide. It is conflict that makes choice and decision necessary. The truth is simple; it is one, without an opposite. Truth makes no decisions because there is nothing to decide between. What is everything leaves room for nothing else.

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