Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Spirits and Mediocre Minds

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds,” Einstein said. And another Jew’s life, Jesus’, exemplifies Einstein’s ideas. Jesus was both reviled and remembered because he was a great spirit and let spirit flow thru him. We have both minds - spirit’s and the mediocre mind of the ego, within us. Our decision maker chooses which we identify with. Let the mind that was with Jesus be with you.

If you choose boldness, joy, compassion, humility and daring instead of fear, hate, blame, safety and security, you are choosing spirit and allowing it, as Jesus did, to flow thru you. Most of the time, we just drift along with the herd and the mediocre mind, letting appearances and opinions drag us from our essence - our spiritual perfection. Mediocre minds see the limitations and frequently say “should” and “should not.” In bondage to what others think of them, mediocre minds are judgmental, intolerant and blaming, small and petty, focusing on problems rather than solutions.

Great spirits see the possibilities, have inclusive ideals and believe they can make a contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything. Sharing their God given gifts, great spirits are kind, gentle and accepting of others while standing for their ideals, knowing they are in a learning laboratory in which each person is doing the best they can in the moment.

Great spirits are actively aware of the opportunity for perfection in each moment and in each event, no matter what the appearances may be; are aware of the natural tendency toward mediocrity, and make a conscious decision to choose otherwise. They choose to see the compassionate, benevolent reflection of spirit in the mysteries, paradoxes and contradictions of life in the ego’s world. Grateful and bold in their hearts, no matter the appearances, they take the next step, choosing to live as great spirits, knowing the Universe will support them.

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