Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Only Rational Choice

Choice is the obvious escape from the experience of opposites and opposition. Since I cannot hold two mutually exclusive thought systems simultaneously – either ego or spirit – choosing one resolves the conflict and lets the other go. I can’t expect to find peace, joy and love by believing in sin, guilt and fear. If I accept two mutually exclusive thought systems, which I do, then peace is impossible. If I identify with both and teach both, which I do as long as I believe in both, I am teaching conflict and learning it. Yet peace is what I want. Since, the ego thought system seems to be my, and your, default, being mindful and choosing becomes an ongoing, minute-to-minute necessity, a constant process.

Time, like everything else in the ego’s world of form, can be considered neutral. I can be mindful, give it over to spirit, and use it to choose spirit. Time and effort are useless unless I encourage my decision maker to use them in the continuous process of choosing spirit. When consciously engaged in this process, I see the world and my experience in it as a classroom, with spirit, not ego, as my teacher, teaching me that there is another way to experience things; reflecting another way of looking within my mind.

Experiencing the world as neutral and myself as responsible for choosing which teacher I will follow – ego or spirit – opens the door for my decision maker to make the right choice. Attempting to fix things in the world is pointless if it does not lead to changing my mind. Choosing spirit is the only meaningful decision I can make.

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