Friday, August 5, 2011

Spirit Teaches Indirectly by Contrast

Spirit knows no opposite, It is perfect oneness, now, and I share that perfect oneness, now. But here in the ego world where we dwell as bodies, opposition and contrast are ‘real’ and necessary. Perception works by contrast in the context of figure ground, light and dark, space and shading. This ‘natural’ way of experiencing, makes the choice of spirit seem to be the same as releasing the ego, because in the world of duality, choosing spirit or anything, appears necessary, because again, we perceive in terms of opposites. But really, no choice is necessary because spirit is all there is, knows no opposite, is perfect oneness now and I share that oneness, now.

So the world needs to be re-interpreted. Spirit reinterprets the world the ego made, when we allow it to. Spirit ‘perceives’ the world as a teaching device to awaken us to the truth of our shared oneness. Spirit, tho non-dual, must teach through duality because It must work with and for a decision maker that thinks it is not only dual, but separate, and in opposition. What is true in the reality of spirit, cannot enter here until it is reflected in some form the world can understand.

Thus, spirit does not teach truth directly, because we could not understand it nor handle it, but indirectly, through reinterpreting illusion and contrasting it with truth. Miracles come in an ego framework, complete with duality and contrasts. Miracles and the Course remain within the ego framework, because here is where they are needed. If we knew our oneness, neither miracles nor the Course would be needed; we would not be here, nor would we exist as bodies.

But because we do believe we are here as bodies, we must first recognize that this way of being is not working for us, that we are miserable, unhappy and want to see things differently, with spirit, not ego. So spirit contrasts the fear, misery and occasional joy and glory of the body with the wonder, peace and compassion of its Self. True oneness and love cannot be taught or experienced here, and no one in a body has a clue to what they are. Yet their reflection can be taught.

If spirit could talk it would say, ‘How can you teach someone the value of something they deliberately threw away when they chose the ego instead of spirit? They must have thrown it away because they did not value it. You can only show them how miserable they are without it, and slowly, bringing its reflection nearer, they can perceive how their misery lessens as they approach it.’

Thus, spirit teaches indirectly, by contrast, reinterpreting what the ego has wrought; not
judging, forcing, coercing or punishing, but leading, teaching and showing through our daily experience how even the reflection of spirit’s love and oneness, is more desirable than the ego’s fear, complexity, terror and loathing.

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