Monday, August 8, 2011

Non-Duality in a Dualistic Framework

The spirit teaches non-duality in a dualistic framework. To say that truth is possible here, in the ego’s dichotomous, dualistic, illusory world, is to make the mistake of bringing truth to illusion, to believe that God and spirit can be operative here, in the illusion. It’s not so much that they do not do things here, they cannot do things here, for ‘here’ is an illusion in the mind of the decision maker and unknown to spirit. Yet, in our right minds, when the decision maker chooses again, we can experience the reflection of the love, joy and compassion of God here.

But we must be vigilant not to confuse the reflection with the truth, which is what occurs when religions and spiritualities build a theology based on the reflection, not the thing itself. This is the elevation of form over content – form, illusion, content, spirit. A church or temple, a gospel or bible, dogma and rules are not necessary to experience our oneness with spirit. Whenever I seek for love in ritual, I want to remember this is a confusion of form and content, settling for the reflection of truth, rather than truth Itself.

There is no meaning in form and there never will be. Form must be recognized for what it is: a distraction; there is nothing so blinding as the perception of form. Ritual in the ego world is temptation. It’s intent is to distract us from the truth, to substitute something in the world for a reality not of this world. In our awareness of the real world, we simply say, ‘God is,’ and cease to speak, knowing that words are symbols of symbols, twice removed from reality, and meaningless. I don’t say God is something. You do not see God is anything. God, and my reality as part of God, is. Period – a perfect non-dualistic statement.

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