Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Meaningful Purpose

If time and effort are spent trying to fix the world and not on learning how to choose spirit first, and then with spirit’s guidance ‘fix’ the world, nothing is learned, there is no sense of gain, and nothing is accomplished. An objective look at history will bear this out. Though much has been accomplished technologically, in terms of ending suffering and bringing peace to the people of the world, we have not progressed much beyond the caveman. In fact, given our technological prowess, we have actually learned to inflict pain, suffering and death beyond anything a caveman could have imagined.

Nothing much has changed. Guided by the ego, homo sapiens’ purpose has always been oriented to fixing the world, getting as much as possible from others and the planet, and not awakening from the decision maker’s choice of the ego’s dream of the world. Awakening from this dream is our only meaningful purpose. If I can identify with the goal, purpose and function of forgiving the ego’s dream, changing my mind and choosing a different teacher, my life, from birth to death, from the time I wake to the time I go to sleep, will have great meaning and purpose.

I will close my eyes at night with a sense of fulfillment, not necessarily because I leaned all there was to learn, but because I understood my life in the world is a classroom – neither prison nor paradise. I can rest easy with the thought that even if I had not learned all my lessons, tomorrow is another day, with a loving teacher who is infinitely patient. Thus I awake each morning with joy and return joyfully to bed regardless of the day’s perceived successes or failures, for I have identified with the only purpose that makes life meaningful.

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