Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time and the Ego Illusion

Time is but another meaningless defense my decision maker allows as part of its choice for the ego and against the truth of my reality as spirit. As a defense, time is part of the separated world that seeks to prove my existence as an individual entity within a body, a creature not of perfection and eternity, but of time, matter and space.

Bringing the ego to spirit is bringing error to truth where it can be corrected. Error is undone because the contradiction is so obvious, the decision maker can not let it stand. Error disappears in the light of truth, not because it is attacked, but because light simply dissipates the darkness.

We do not have to wait for some future time to have truth be our reality. It comes at the instant we welcome it by being aware of the contradiction and how much we do not want it. It is not that truth comes to us; we come to it. The still small voice is forever within and forever calling. It is we who choose not to listen and who have wandered away by choosing the ego’s illusion, forgetting we chose, then erecting the defenses of sin, guilt and fear to keep us busy in the world. The ego’s world of time: past, present and future, mirror the defenses of sin, guilt and fear. We are like the prodigal son, and like the son of the story, will be welcomed back with open, forgiving arms if we choose to choose anew and return.

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