Monday, August 22, 2011

The Storm Before the Calm

Here are some metaphysical concepts I was thinking about Sunday morning as I did my Tai Chi by by the lake, as the sun came up and a soothing breeze dried the sweat on my face: I accept Myself as myself, and seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you. It came to me to try and connect these ideas to Obama and the current political situation.

How would a politician who accepted his spiritual reality as himself and sought the Kingdom of Heaven first appear to us in the ego’s dualistic, fear and terror filled illusion of a world? Would s/he be nasty, angry, vicious and constantly attacking? Would s/he try and reason with people, especially his ‘enemies’, articulate higher ideals, and share visions of a world that worked for everyone and everything? Would he favor compromise and win-win solutions instead of zero-sum games and lose-lose thinking?

His conceptual framework [please see earlier posts for more explanation of these concepts] would be the continuum, not the pyramid or the dichotomy. And perhaps, even as Jesus was reviled and persecuted in a world and a people dominated by the fear-ridden, dualistic ego, so would he be reviled and persecuted. He would be ahead of his time. Misunderstood and unappreciated in his own day, he would only be understood in a later day.

Such leaders are a threat to the ego and its world. And the high priests of the ego - the haters, fear-mongers, selfish, narrow-minded, trickle-down, moralistic people, would never appreciate nor understand him, but would always revile and persecute him.

Can you think of two Presidents in the last 40 years who seemed to fit this profile? Can you think of a single political party now filled to overflowing with the ego’s high priests?

What if the appearance of these two Presidents in recent times and the fierce, open negativity to them, heralded not the end of the American dream, but its renewal? What if this fierce resistance is the last gasp of the hypocrisy that has characterized American culture from its inception? What if the American hope of being the shining city on a hill and contributing to a world that works for everyone and everything was becoming a reality, and the high priests of the ego who are threatened by American ideals, and who have always been threatened by them, tho they give lip service to them, understand this and want to hold it all back, maintaining the ego’s status quo?

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