Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Forgiveness reflects the willingness and the choice to experience our experience in the illusion differently. Each person, place or thing we forgive, returns us to our minds and allows the decision maker choose again, this time, this second, this moment, selecting spirit instead of the ego.

Forgiveness is about changing the focus from body to mind, from the specific to the general, allowing us to experience the world as a learning laboratory. Each time we forgive, and we need to forgive constantly, we learn we are not sinful body/minds, but spiritual beings who have simply made a mistake in the choice of our teacher.

Learning we have made a mistaken choice is the only useful purpose the world serves. Allowing ourselves to experience our experience here as a learning laboratory is the best that can come from the ego’s illusion. Constantly forgiving everyone and everything we experience here for what they have not done, returns our focus to the mind’s decision for guilt, and to release the guilt, fear and pain.

By grace we live, by grace we are released.

There is nothing out there to forgive in any event, for ideas leave not their source. If I’m thinking I’m a guilty, sinful, evil, fearful body/mind then I’m with ego. If I forgive those thoughts and seek to experience my real thoughts as spirit, I will no longer feel like a guilty, sinful, evil, fearful body/mind, but feel like a spiritual being connected to my Source. Ideas leave not their source.

We need not be concerned with the many forms taken by the one idea of separation from spirit - the root cause and source of the ego’s ‘reality’, because they are all as illusory as their source, all incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial, existing only to serve the ego’s purpose of distracting us from the mind’s ability to choose forgiveness. Learning to forgive ourselves our mistaken choice, and in turn forgive the myriad forms out there, gives us a moment of grace and reflects our reality as spirit.

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