Thursday, November 17, 2011


Admitting that not only do I not know, but that I am wrong about what I think I do know, and that there is Someone who does know and Who is right, begins the process of undoing the ego illusion. Guilt over my original ‘sin’ of choosing the ego instead of spirit, and fear that I will be punished, prevents me from letting go of the ego. But I can begin letting go by looking at my original ‘sin’, fear and guilt through the eyes of vision, not judgment.

“Call it not sin but madness,” the Course advises. “For such it was and so it still remains. Invest it not with guilt, for guilt implies it was accomplished in reality [which it wasn’t]. And above all, be not afraid of it.” This holds not matter how serious the ‘sin’ seems to be, because there is only one problem despite appearances to the contrary – my belief that I am better off separate from spirit. Consequently, there is one solution: recognizing I was wrong in accepting the idea that the separation is true.

Deep down, my decision maker knows it is part of the oneness, not separate from It. My decision maker wants to make a complete surrender of itself to spirit, knowing that it has been wrong and that ‘surrender’ means coming over to the winning side. Surrender comes when I realize I cannot do it on my own, that I - my ego, has been wrong and doesn’t know, but there is that within me that is right and does know.

Surrender is a never ending process that brings a grateful sigh of relief each time I do it as, saying, ‘Enough, already!’ I put down the burden of feeding, supporting, and protecting my bloated nothingness, and exchange nothing for everything - the joy, grace and peace, brotherhood, cooperation, compassion and love of spirit.

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