Friday, November 11, 2011

Oops! 3

If we give our bodies over to spirit, returning to the decision maker in our minds, we will gradually, slowly – too slow and too gradual for me, most of the time – allow our bodies will serve a different purpose - to show ourselves and the other selves we associate with our true Self. Giving over the pain, fear and guilt and understanding that I, and you, simply made a mistake [easier said than done!], we can return to our minds and choose again. That’s what the ‘Oops!’ does.

This is gradual slow process, but you will notice an attitudinal shift, identifying less with your body and ego and more with compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. Do the ‘oops’ thing and watch for your experience to change. Rather than feeling imprisoned in a body, you will begin to see your experiences as opportunities to learn, shift, say ‘oops!’, and give over to spirit – letting go and letting God.

When I do this, I am not changed and shifted alone. As I am freed from the thought system of separation and the guilt, fear and hatred that goes with it, everyone must be freed as well, because we are all one. Again, this experience of oneness is difficult to understand from our fragmented perspective here. Yet, if you think about it, you’ll realize everyone has had moments of total peace and acceptance which are the reflection of the reality of our oneness with spirit. The way to truly heal the world, is to heal myself by accepting mySelf. I can do that now, no waiting, nothing to prove, no dying. I am doing it but it’s gradual and slow. But each ‘oops’ brings me a little closer.

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