Friday, November 4, 2011

Form and Content

The Course in Miracles says we have a simple, either/or choice to make – do we identify with our egos or with spirit? The more we identify with the body and the world, the more we choose the ego instead of spirit. Both the ego and spirit are in our minds, which transcend, our brains. It is the decision maker within our minds that chooses. Fearful of the decision maker's ability to choose against it, the ego has developed a strategy of mindlessness, wherein we identify almost completely with it and our bodies (form) and not the decision maker in our minds and the choice it is making (content).

The ego tells us if we are to remain secure in our individual and special identities, that we avoid the mind and root our awareness totally in the external world, the ego's projected dream of separation. To further the aim of self-preservation as opposed to Self-awareness, we are attracted to anything in the world as a means of entrenching us there, reinforcing the amnesia, and avoiding the mind and decision maker that can choose heaven or hell at any instant.

The miracle the Course speaks of, does not awaken us from the ego's dream of a world separate from spirit, but merely shows us who the dreamer is. It teaches there is a choice of dreams while we still sleep, that the content of the dream, not its form, is where the choice lies. And, that being there is a choice and that the decision maker in our minds must make it, we need to look past the dream/illusion of the world (the form) and return to our transcendent minds and choose again (the content).

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