Monday, April 29, 2013

Deny the Denaial

Devorah at would approve of this post. Visit her there and see if you agree. Since the ego denies that an exchange of fear for truth is easy or even possible, it is my job to turn within and deny the denial, to allow mySelf to reveal itSelf to myself. Duh! What did I say?

 Remember the post about the frightening perceptions of little children? That when we’re little our perceptions sometimes frighten us because we do not understand them? This is still happening to us. If you and I ask for enlightenment and accept it, our fears will vanish. Poof! But we’ve got to look at what scares us. We’ve got to go within first and centered with spirit face what frightens us. This is how I and you can overcome fear, not by hiding it, nor by minimizing it and nor by denying its full import in any way.

I’ve got to deny the denial of my and your reality as spiritual beings having earthly experiences. If I refuse to face my fears or face them alone without spirit, I am holding on to them, clinging to my nightmares. I am hiding my head under the cover of the heavy blankets I have laid upon myself. I am hiding my nightmares in the darkness of my own false certainty – the belief that I know what my ego perceptions mean or because I believe I should know and don’t want to embarrass myself by asking.

Each day, hour and minute offer an opportunity to throw off the covers, open my eyes and look at what I’m afraid of. Only the anticipation is scary. Once I look with spirit I will see as FDR said that we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

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