Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Blaming Challenge

I am so disappointed and heartbroken by all the whining, blaming and just plain stupidity I hear all around me and on the media. It really hurts! I feel so left out ‘cause I don’t want to whine and blame and act stupid! What’s happened to our spirit? Did the commies take it? No, the Democrats took it. Yeah, let’s blame them and Washington and government itself. Yeah, everything would be fine if we just got ‘government,’ the great Satan, off our backs so we could rely on self interest and dog-eat-dog capitalism.

But could it be we ourselves lost our spirit, not ‘lost’ it, but actually gave it away and refused to take it back? Haven’t any of the whiners and complainers heard of the saying, ‘when things get tough, the tough get going?’ Haven’t any of the whiners and complainers heard about a thing called the self-fulfilling prophecy? Don’t they know that all the whining, blaming and just plain stupidity is creating more of itself? I heard about the self-fulfilling prophecy a zillion years ago, my freshman year of college in Econ 101. The self-fulfilling prophecy was credited with helping to create the great depression, looks like we’re doing that again. And how about Roosevelt’s famous – even tho so many today in their wisdom hate him and want to undo all the horrible commie things he did, “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself” speech?

Surrounded by tales of evil-doers, lack, limitation and betrayal on every side, it’s daunting for me, perhaps you too, to keep the faith. But that is exactly what I (we?) must do lest I fall victim to the collective hysteria. I want and need to continue to believe that every problem has a spiritual solution, no matter what the appearances.

If ever there was a time for working from the inside out, for trusting our spiritual guidance and trying new more compassionate, fear-free, non-blaming approaches, this is it. Using these approaches is what I mean by ‘when things get tough, the tough get going.’ Let’s have the courage of our convictions. The current methods of blame, fear and terror haven’t yet made the world a better place, why think they will in the future? The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. Enough, already!

I’m shifting away from the blaming, fear and terror, not because some super-power in the sky says to do so, but because not only do those methods not work, they’re painful to use. I’m shifting to compassionate, fear free, non-blaming approaches, in spite of appearances, again, not because God says to, I mean heaven forbid if we did what God wants us to do – we’re doing so well with the Devil’s ways, although doing God’s will and building a world that works for all Its creation is worthwhile, but because it feels better and we’ve never really given compassionate, fear free, non-blaming approaches a chance, labeling those that have tried them as wimps.

I’m practicing shifting from fear and loathing to blame-free inside out like crazy; I mean, look at all the opportunities I have to practice, appearances are so shitty! I am so grateful, I’m reminded of the saying, ‘be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it!’ It’s not always fun, but it’s the best challenge in town and when things get tough, this tough guy gets going!

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