Monday, September 20, 2010

If/then, again

I was reflecting on the “I want what I want” post and I saw an ‘if/then’ proposition – if I get what I want, then I’ll be happy. So now I’m practicing the presence by affirming I want what I want and it’s OK, even tho it seems there might be negative consequences, I’m affirming that fear is of the limited mind, my bloated nothingness, and if the desire’s there, and has been forever, then perhaps, no, it will be OK, more than OK, will be the next step in my evolution. So I’m letting go of the ‘if/then’ and being happy and OK with spirit now and happy and OK with spirit when I get what I want.

I’m affirming and knowing that my consciousness of spirit within is the source of my supply – god, it feels good to say that and mean it – without laying on any demands – ‘if/then,’ or judgments, or making up a story about being right or wrong. I’m affirming and knowing that my source, the divine presence in whose perfection I (and you) live will manifest through me according to my acceptance of it. If I accept a lot, I will get a lot. If I accept only a little, I will receive only a little. It is done unto me as I believe.

I’m sensing that with all my gifts, faults, strengths and weaknesses – accepting myself just as I am, not needing to be better or fix anything, that I’m here to distribute the qualities of life – love, truth, joy, justice and the American Way, that are my (and your) divine heritage. I (you, too) was born to be the place where God shows up, in me, as me. Leading from God’s wisdom, compassion and grace, having my purpose to be with these first and live and share from the inner place where these qualities nurture and glow, I need not strive, nor seek for approval, nor worry about things going wrong or not working. I (you) need only experience these without pre-conditions, without an ‘if/then,’ and the joy and results flow from the process.

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