Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Joy is different from happiness. Joy, arising from an awareness of my reality as spirit, is available all the time. Happiness, arising from my experiences in the world, is available only when things go ‘right’ in the world.

Most of us are rarely happy for no reason. Happiness is dependent on something happening outside of us. Joy, on the other hand, can just well up and be experienced for no reason, without anything happening.

Of course I can experience joy and happiness at the same time and often do. But just knowing that joy - the feeling of grace, gratitude, meritless well being and peace, is always available, encourages me to access it more often. I’m practicing joy – choosing to go within, realize my Reality, and consciously choose joy.

Joy, joy, joy! I’m getting so good in my practice that often all I have to do is see the word, hear it in my mind or say it to myself and I can experience it. I’m practicing this no matter what’s going on around me. It’s amazing! Stuck in traffic, stubbed toe, malfunctioning computer, even cancer - joy, joy, joy, and I begin to feel it.

As soon as I get over my initial disappointment, anger, fear, doubt and worry (remember, the ego always speaks first), I pause, take a deep breath and invite joy in…and it comes…eventually. Sometimes sooner than others, but it always comes.

It’s so cool! Try it. You don’t have to be special, do anything special or have anything special happen, just pause take a deep breath and invite joy in. It comes…eventually. In fact, all you can do is invite it and make it welcome. Any other activity is part of your bloated nothingness and will block the divine circuits. Try it, invite joy in now.

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