Monday, December 5, 2011

The Outcome is Certain

“Love knows no bodies [or things], and reaches to everything created like itself. Its total lack of limit IS its meaning. It is completely impartial [and unconditional] in its giving….” When I feel frustrated and lose my peace, I am without love and attributing my upset to something outside me. The absence of love manifesting as guilt, urgency, a hierarchy of values, fear, worry, and blaming – either myself or someone/something else, tips me that I am out of my mind, and not with the decision maker who must have decided wrongly.

Asking to experience things differently, getting my bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits, and allowing my decision maker to choose again, this time peace and love, enables me to function in this world effectively, efficiently and kindly until I am able to release myself and choose mySelf.

Understanding this, I understand that there is nothing outside me and so there can be nothing that can affect me either positively or negatively. But understanding this, difficult as it is, is still easier than living it. Faith and practice build confidence. Giving over guilt, urgency, my hierarchy of values, fear, worry, and blame and acting as if, nothing outside myself can save me or give me peace, that only spirit can do that, also means that nothing outside me can hurt me, disturb my peace, or stop the love that is mySelf from flowing into my experience.

The outcome is certain - giving over guilt, urgency, a hierarchy of values, fear, worry, and blaming always allows the peace and love which were always present, to manifest. Why furiously press forward with something that is not there, stubbornly convinced that if I do not, the ‘right thing’ will never happen?

Reflect – this attitude – which I suffer greatly from, makes no sense if I am already sure that the result of anything done with mySelf, will be loving and peaceful. Patience is natural when my beingness is with mySelf, for I’m focused on a certain wonderful and inevitable outcome, the time and details unknown to me, but never in doubt.

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