Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Stately Calm Within

As I stay centered in the decision maker’s choice for the “stately calm within,” my outer world, like the spokes of a wheel with spirit at its hub, radiate and extend the “holy stillness”. My interactions with the world of matter would share the same purpose of learning to be kind, caring, gentle, and loving. Spirit is not actually present in matter, for all is illusion, but I may experience Its reflection and purpose there, if I am with It in my mind. That is what forgiveness is - not holding to past perceptions generated by the ego, but choosing to see spirit’s purpose of loving kindness and oneness in all the “little things” of the world. So of myself, I do nothing but allow mySelf to shine through.

“All things are lessons God would have me learn,” opportunities to recognize the ego’s illusion, return to my mind and allow, encourage, the decision maker to choose again. The greater the discomfort, disease, guilt, fear, and anger – the greater the difference between the ego’s interpretation of the world and spirit’s - the greater the motivation to see things differently and choose again.

So, the Course says, “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind. From this idea will the world open up before you, and you will look upon it and see in it what you have never seen before…we are trying to see in the world what [the reality of spirit that] is [already] in our minds…trying to join with what we see rather than keeping it apart from us.” To do this - join with everything I experience and accept it all as a learning opportunity, I become aware of my choices and seek to no longer project the ego’s purpose of reinforcing guilt about the perceived original sin of separation.

The separation never happened; could not have happened; it is a “tiny mad idea.” We are one with spirit right now as we have always been.

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