Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We are all the same

Everyone - Democrats and Republicans, terrorists and victims, male and female – is wrestling with the same basic problem/opportunity – release of the ego nightmare and awakening to spirit – and therefore we are all the same. How would it be if we acted as if this was true – that we share the same basic problem/opportunity? Would we be more peaceful, compassionate, kinder? Probably.

There is not one of us who deep within does not experience the pain of existence, a yearning for an end to the suffering that seems endless and without purpose. In desperation we silently cry out for help, but hear only the ego’s call to analyze, judge, blame, then attack and punish; all maladaptive attempts to find relief from the guilt of our original sin - the ego idea that we have separated from God and destroyed Him. This actually reinforces the very guilt we are attempting to defend against (defenses do what they would defend), leaving all of us – victim and victimizer, guilty and innocent – locked in the ego’s vicious circle and prison of sin.

To see everyone the same and wrestling with the same basic problem/opportunity is to understand that all the forms of attack – blame, judgment, doubt and fear – are never justified; that judgment is impossible, and peace our only true emotion. The Course says, “I will be still an instant [cease struggling, analyzing, judging, blaming, attacking and punishing] and go [be] home [awake and aware of my spiritual reality].”

To see everyone the same and wrestling with the same basic problem/opportunity is to understand that no one and no thing can truly harm us. For sure we can be battered and bruised here in the illusion, but what could stand against the truth of our reality as spirit? That’s what the famous bible story of the fiery furnace and Meeshack, Shadrack and Abednego was trying to show us.

Peace, joy and salvation are available right now, regardless of what seems to be happening here; because in truth, nothing is happening here. It’s all in our minds, not our brains, and once we return to the awareness that mind is the only player in the ego’s game of separation, that in fact the separation never happened, we will know that the mind is a decision making tool we can use right this second, and that we always have the ability to choose peace and joy over imprisonment and pain.

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