Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Victory for the Terrorists Denied, 2

Addressing problems by asking everyone and everything I encounter: ‘Does this impede or contribute to my goal of awakening from the ego’s dream of separation,’ enables me to return to the source of my experience (my mind) and if necessary, choose again. Asking continues the process of undoing my investment in the ego’s projections of responsibility onto others instead of myself, thus doing what Einstein recommended - solving the problem at a level of thinking different from the level that created it in the first place, and agrees with Pogo that we have met the ‘enemy’ and they is us.

Imagine how meaningful our lives would become if this question were uppermost in our minds as we went through each day. The seemingly separate events, relationships, situations and our responses to them would be unified in a new way, giving us a sense of purpose we lacked. Asking the question puts the goal of awakening from the ego’s nightmare and experiencing the reflection of spirit’s love here, at the center of our lives.
And really, what else is there? Isn’t that all we really want?

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