Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Thing of Wonder

It is possible, from a place of oneness with spirit, to experience spirit in everything that happens. It is possible to look upon all things with love, appreciation and open mindedness, understanding that no thing is as it appears and that its holy purpose stands beyond my ego’s little range, but accessible from the place of oneness.

Allowing the decision maker to choose again, I can see all things differently, with a mind that holds only what it thinks with God. The holiness of this thought extends to embrace the world and all its seemingly separated fragments. No longer deceived by perceptual illusions of special differences, my vision sees beyond appearances to the loving beauty of the right mind that is in each broken piece. And I am able to see in this beauty the doorway to eternity.

“All this beauty will rise to bless your sight as you look upon the world with forgiving eyes. For forgiveness literally transforms vision, and lets you see the real world reaching quietly and gently across chaos, removing [the] illusions that had twisted your perceptions. The smallest leaf becomes a thing of wonder, and a blade of grass a sign of God’s [and my own] perfection.”

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