Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Victory for the Terrorists Denied!

The Course in Miracles reinforces the need for us to take responsibility for the way we think about things, such as the ‘threats’ in the defense authorization legislation, and work from the inside out to deal with them. Doing that instead of blaming and fearing what’s outside our minds, is the change of thinking Einstein mentioned when he said you can’t solve the problem at the level of thinking that created it in the first place. The level of thinking we’ve been using is outside-in. It’s that level of thinking that holds the problems in place and perpetuates them.

When we take responsibility for our own hearts and minds, refusing to be manipulated, shifting to inside-out thinking, guidance and solutions enabling us to contribute to a world that works for everyone and everything, thus solving the problem, will be available. There is something within us that knows, that is not overwhelmed by the interdependent complexities surrounding us, but appreciates the interdependence and can use the complexities, not by simplifying them or dumbing them down into sound bites and slogans, as we do now, but by accepting them and our responsibility for them.

“Choosing vision over judgment,” Ken Wapnick, a powerful interpreter of the Course says, “we can no longer make others responsible for our pain or joy. Remembering that nothing exists outside the projecting mind, we know that everything comes from decisions the mind makes, generated from the basic choice between the ego and (spirit).” Knowing this, experiencing the peace and joy that can come from this knowledge, we want to “meet everyone (and everything) in the same way, with an openness of heart and mind that frees us from the prison house of hate.”

Meeting everyone (and everything) in the same way, “allows us to return to the source of all worldly things and experiences.” We return to the source by asking “one simple question of absolutely everything that befalls us throughout our lives: Does this impede or contribute to my goal of awakening from the ego’s dream of separation. We are not asked to be ego free, but simply to ask the question, thus beginning the process of undoing our investment in the ego’s projections of responsibility onto others instead of ourselves,” and thus solving the problem at a different level of thinking than what created it in the first place, as Einstein recommended, and agreeing with Pogo that we have met the ‘enemy’ and they is us.”

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